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“But what kind of Zebra are we?” …..It might sound like a strange question but if you showed a hundred people a picture of a zebra and asked them what it was…a hundred would say a zebra…repeat the process in your business, ask a hundred people who work for you what kind of business you are and I bet you get a hundred different answers.

Failure to establish clarity across your people and your organization, misalignment of valuable resource and an absence of laser focus, makes it impossible to achieve your goals

Building on lessons learnt from a hugely varied and incredibly successful career, having been at various stages a professional sportsman, successful business leader, high altitude climber, entrepreneur, representative level athlete, elite performance coach and motivational speaker. The author and the book draw on real life examples and corporate case studies to articulate a clearly implementable five step programme to transform your business performance and organisation

  • What kind of Zebra are we
  • The numbers never lie
  • How can I NOT be successful
  • Why should someone buy our Eggs
  • Every boy wants to be a Red Arrow
  • Adapt your Spots
  • Add value not Work
  • Climbing Everest the Hard Way
  • Start from Why
  • Leave the jersey in a better place than you found it

Are some of the key insights, tools and techniques the book will equip you with to implement across your business. Using experience drawn from a uniquely successful thirty-year business career, building global brands and organisations in the sport and leisure sector, Richard has an extraordinary ability to make the process of energising and driving an organisation feel both very inclusive and yet at the same time uncomplicated.

The book also draws from a number of case studies, British Cycling, Harley Davidson, Lego, British Tennis, the All Blacks, GE, the Red Arrows, Team Sky, Boningtons British ascent of the south west face of Everest, the rise and rise of Zappos and Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms of the USSR, to reinforce the five step programme. Provide living ‘real world’ examples of people and organisations across sport and business who have transitioned from mediocrity to excellence, who have pursued a summit and realized their goals and ambitions, who have delivered rapid and sustainable performance improvement.

A Five Step Programme guaranteed to help you achieve your goals, reach your summits, and deliver rapid performance improvement, significant value creation and sustainable future success for your business

As leaders we have a responsibility, to deliver or provide an environment which allows the people who work for our organization or company the best chance to be successful, a culture within which they can express their capability, a direction and a vision which they find both compelling and inspiring, a sense of pride and ownership in what they do and what the business is trying to be, real clarity on what the organization needs from them as individuals and a clear sense of what good looks like.

This book will help you to become a better leader, will lead you to the improved performance of your organization, the realization of your goals and ambitions and support you to create an environment which your team are genuinely inspired to be part of.

In the climbing world there is a quote, ’the summit will never come to you’, it beautifully encapsulates the core learning about life, about being successful in whatever you set out to do and the core of this book. As individuals we are blessed with amazing power, capacity and endurance, we have an infinite reservoir to achieve, the only constraints are the ones we impose on ourselves.

Hold tightly the desire, the belief and the commitment that you can go reach your summit, whatever you define it to be, it may not come to you but for sure, there is nothing in the world which can stop you getting to it.

 “In this book Richard shares with you his philosophy and thinking on delivering high performance companies, teams and cultures. It strips away a lot of the ‘management speak’ which is so rhetoric based and replaces it with ‘real actions’ which make a difference”

Sir Chris Bonington CBE Mountaineer
“This book will change the way you think and work, it will help you achieve your goals and objectives like never before. By following the five steps you will see how easy it is to build a high performance organization in either sport or business.”
Neil Lennon 16 major titles as Player and Manager at Glasgow Celtic Football Club

“Richard has written a book for leaders and managers of organisations of all sizes based on his significant experience in leading teams to achieve more than they ever imagined possible. His lessons learned are clear and practical for everyone to understand and implement.”

Andy Rubin Global CEO Pentland Brands

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