Situational Analysis

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“but what kind of Zebra are we”…… might sound like a strange question but if you showed a hundred people a picture of a zebra and asked them what it was…….a hundred would say a zebra………repeat the process in your business…ask a hundred people who work for you what kind of business you are and I bet you get a hundred different answers so don’t be surprised if this leads to a cultural misalignment, to a lack of engagement, to different functions heading in different directions, to internal politics and to dubiety about what WE are trying to achieve……

Internally this is a challenging place to be……externally it’s an easy thing to see….and if your clients or customers spot it, then boy reaching your summit will be one tough ask. Can you imagine being part of a climbing team which couldn’t agree on the route, weren’t sure which summit was the ultimate goal, focused on their own ambition and chose not to share experience, held resource tightly to themselves so they were alright when it got tough,

So the first step of our Fresh Oxygen Programme is to drill into the business, explore the dark corners, challenge what people see as the norm and create a clear picture of what the zebra really looks like

We explore four distinct areas of the business

  • The numbers and financial performance over the last couple of years
  • What is getting said around the business by staff, management, board and also by customers and clients
  • How aligned is the business and its core functions
  • What factors have impacted on the performance over the last two years

Our research stage culminates in a presentation of our findings to the Board and forms the basis of discussion which delivers agreement and consistency on where the businesses start point is in the pursuit of elevated performance


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