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The first piece of work is to organise an initial meeting which provides us with the insight required to build our support proposal for you. Every programme we run is specifically tailored for you the client. Once we have got under the skin of your life, goals and ambition and have identified the constraints you are currently operating under we will work together to build a plan to transition you to sustainable success.

This five step programme will address the following stages

1 – Where are you Now – we will work with you to identify and clearly articulate the Pillars of Me, list out the Values, character traits and behaviours that shape your personality, we SACK your life, build the matrix demonstrating what you plan to shape, aspire, change and keep in your current life and then define the constraints that are currently impairing your ability to deliver high performance and achieve your goals

2 – What is your Destination of Choice – the second stage of our process addresses where you are trying to get to, we map your three choices out as follows…….,My Big Idea – #1 goal from my ambition quadrant, My Big Change – #1 goal from my change quadrant, My Big Shape – #1 goal from my shape quadrant, we make them specific, define what success would look like, when do we want to achieve it by, what are the milestones of progress along the way, make sure it’s a realistic goal and Include in your plan why this is important to you.

We test your desire, belief and commitment to achieving your goals, define how much you want it, how much you believe and how committed you are to getting there, then we reflect on what excellence means to you in achieving your goal, and support you to be clear about how good you believe you can be

3 – Build the Change Plan – stage three will equip you with a toolkit to build a change plan to deliver performance improvement and progression along your journey to success and excellence, we build the new change plan under the four headings identified, technical competence, practice and repetition, mindset, physical and map out the way you shape action in each area, we identify the capability gaps you have and work out how do you close them.

What mind tools do you need, what behavior changes do you need to see, we support you to complete a weekly time audit log, identify and eradicate non value added activity, get the balance of other activity in your life vs goal achievement activity, and together we map out what your equivalent of the Apple Focus is, what do you do less of and what do you just not do at all

4 – Handling the Difficult Middle – the next stage focuses on handling the tough stages you will go through as you as you work through the change plan. We support you when you need to go back through the first three stage of the programme, redefine your goal, action, change plans and refine them. We help you to be clear about how much desire, belief and commitment you have, remember that with your talent and hunger you will come out the other side, its about focus on the focus…..You Will Do It.

We drive you to work harder, start to be more focused, stop doing other things, get rid of distraction, commit to the last 20, believe in the last 20 and you will get there. We help you to use visualisation techniques to picture what success will look like and we conduct a personal MOT, review five key areas and make the changes necessary, Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Alcohol, Me Time

5 – Celebrate Success – So you made it, reached your goal, congratulations, but a bit like reaching the summit of the mountain, when you get there you enjoy the moment, take in the view and what do you see….a hundred new peaks and summits all waiting to be climbed. Now we take a moment to pause and start to redefine what next, what are the new goals and the new ambitions, where do we see ourselves heading.

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The first stage for each area of our work is to undertake an initial meeting which provides us with the insight required to build our support proposal for you. Every programme we run is specifically tailored for you the client, once we have got under the skin of your organization and understand your goals and ambitions.

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