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Over the last thirty years there have probably been more books, articles and words written about leadership than any other facet of the evolving business world. There are more definitions of leadership styles than you can shake a stick, there are more examples of iconic leaders than you can ever remember, there are millions of leadership development courses thrust in front of us every day. We are constantly challenged to be a better leader, to be a different leader, to be a new world leader, to be the leader our business and our people need us to be.

And yet, given the huge pressure demands that we live our lives under as CEO’s or business leaders, how much time are we able to dedicate to developing ourselves, to develop and refine our leadership style, to create space in our busy working lives when we can stop and think, “what kind of leader am I trying to be?”

“What is my Leadership Brand”….because that’s what it should be, a brand.

We live in a world now where virtually everything is branded in one form or another and our customers, in this case your people and the organization, make their decision whether to buy, in this case to engage, to follow, to be inspired, based almost entirely on how they see your leadership brand. “Leadership is always about change: it’s not about mobilising people to do what they’ve always done well to continue to do it well.

We challenge you to think this through in your organization, Leadership is not what you do—it’s what others do in response to you. If no one shows up at your march then you’re not really a leader and if people do decide to jump on board because you’ve inspired them, then it means that you have created a bond of trust within the company, which is essential especially if the business is rapidly changing and needs people to believe in its higher purpose.

They buy into your Leadership Brand and that is a very very powerful weapon to have

Step 4 of our programme will now identify some key actions you can take to enhance your leadership brand and impact on your organization, how you use your personality and impact to deliver results, to engage and to inspire your followers. With you we cover the following key areas

  • Define your leadership brand and map how this is relevant to your organization
  • Review your leadership style how do you balance transformational with what got you here
  • Define a transformational change process you will use when you get to stage five of our programme
  • Be clear about where you, the leader, add most value

Its easy to miss the importance of leadership in this journey to enhanced performance, we get our heads down and focus on delivering better results without truly appreciating how we can add value to our goal of making our business more successful. Its an easy mistake to make because the softer side of leadership is so intangible and as pacesetting business leaders we have achieved what we have achieved by being incredibly tangible with everything we do, measure, work hard, attain.

Fresh Oxygen will support you to shape a refined leadership style, one suited to the new world

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