Creating the Magic of Momentum

Creating the Magic of Momentum 2021-05-07T13:45:51+00:00

At Fresh Oxygen we are often asked when presenting or working with businesses to improve their performance levels what we believe to be the single most important factor in delivering the success that they are striving for. Its an interesting and challenging question and one that’s really quite easy to answer but in a qualified way.

Like helping a high performance sportsman to reach their ultimate level, improving a business has no silver bullet, there is no magic panacea to cure all ills. It’s a continuous process of improvement that we have walked through in the first four stages of our programme. Small parts build into a powerful force, doing a hundred things one percent better, initiating and delivering change, building culture, being focused on the right things.

The final stage in our programme we will focus the business on achieving one single state which will make the difference in executing the new plan, focus on delivering momentum throughout the organization. To optimize business performance, you need to align your resource directly behind the strategic intent, mobilizing and motivating the workforce to create momentum.

Step five now focuses on how you engage, motivate and mobilise your talented team to create an unstoppable powerful force which lead you to the success you are looking for and we support you to identify engagement change in four specific areas

  • Does the understanding of Why extend far enough through the organisation
  • Map the generation profile of your employees, and understand their drivers and connections
  • Review five key areas of the environment you are creating for your team
  • Map out the content, frequency and style of your communication plan

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world, in fact it is the only thing which ever has” is a quote by Margaret Mead an American cultural anthropologist and has become a bit of a mantra for us over the years. We think that it perfectly encapsulates the power of momentum, the capability to make change happen and deliver progress for the future.

We can support you to create an inspirational environment for your teams and engage, motivate and mobilise them Let Fresh Oxygen help you achieve the single most important part of our programme, creating an unstoppable force and one that will be able to lead you to the success that you are set out to achieve

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