Building a High Performance Culture

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Whether it is in the arena of invention, sport, intellectual reasoning or in the pursuit of progress and higher standards, all great people and businesses share one fundamental attribute. In the way best suited to their strategic intent, they create a culture which delivers high performance as a systematic matter of course. It is the very DNA of their being and thinking and there are so clear lessons for business to learn as we approach the task of improving the performance of our organisations

Its clear that so much revolves around the people that make it happen, not just the leader but also the board and the business critical people, the ones who you would miss if they walked out the front door, lets call them Team 1. You need a common sense of ambition, we call it desire, how badly do you want it…..belief, how strong is the sense that it will be achieved…..commitment, how important is it beyond anything else in the world……these three things deliver Trust throughout the team and become the barrier to protect performance and spirit when its gets tough out there

Step three of our programme will now equip you with a toolkit to start the process of building a high performance culture, sharpening the focus of your organisations activities to deliver performance improvement and progressing on your journey to success and excellence.

We focus on four specific parts of building a high performance culture

  • Test the desire to create excellence in everything you do, have you got enough desire, belief and commitment where it matters
  • Help you to be clear about the construct of Team 1
  • Map your human resource base, identify the business critical people and define the competencies and capabilities you need to execute the plan
  • Be clear about where your big opportunities lie

Business often miss the intrinsic link between strategy and execution, setting strategy is elegant. It’s a clean and sophisticated process of collecting and analyzing data, generating insights, and identifying smart paths forward. Then the trouble starts. Execution is a minefield, the clean and elegant logic of strategy gets dirty in the real world, agendas compete, priorities clash, decisions stall, communication breaks down, timelines get blown. It’s never a question of if these problems will happen; it’s a question of when and to what degree.

Managing these challenges takes street smart, muscle and a supremely high performance culture, Fresh Oxygen will help you navigate these challenges

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